‘Press pause on LRT Phase 1, as we have not seen the business case for it’: Bruce Hayne

Bruce Haynes

INTEGRITY Now mayoralty candidate Bruce Hayne, announcing his party’s position on transportation initiatives for the community, said their commitment includes a pause on LRT Phase 1 “as we have not seen the business case for it.”
Hayne said: “As the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver, I believe Surrey needs to take a regional leadership role in advocating for more resources for our city and other severely under resourced communities south of the Fraser. There is a lot of back and forth on this discussion from my opponents in this election race, but the fact of the matter is, I have never seen a business case for LRT in Surrey. I believe that’s because one doesn’t exist and I believe we need to ensure that the $1.6 billion in committed funding for transportation enhancements in Surrey is used quickly, but I also think that we need to ensure it’s used wisely.”
He noted the Integrity Now’s transportation commitment includes:

  • Developing a clear and comprehensive plan on transit for Surrey
  • Taking a regional leadership role on transit as mayor and council of the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver
  • Advocating for TransLink community shuttles in Surrey town centres
  • Enhanced bus service throughout Surrey​
  • Ensure that the $1.6 billion committed for transit is used in Surrey quickly and efficiently
  • Press pause on LRT Phase 1, as we have not seen the business case for it, and take a leadership role with TransLink and the Province to ensure proper technology choices in Surrey
  • Take a regional leadership role in ensuring Skytrain on the Fraser Highway Corridor
Hayne said he’s concerned over a lack of transparency and public consultation on the LRT versus SkyTrain debate and believes the wishes of the people of Surrey are not being heard.
“I’m becoming increasingly concerned over overly simplistic rhetoric by some of those engaged in this debate, and I’m equally concerned over what appears to be a fully committed position on LRT, despite the fact that none of the residents in Surrey were properly consulted on technology. It’s puzzling that any elected official would advocate for technology which is so clearly not in line with the wishes of the constituents,” he added.
“There is no doubt Surrey needs infrastructure investment with respect to mass transit, but I question the process and the logic of moving forward with such an unpopular approach and technology. An Integrity Now council will push pause on the LRT approach in order to do a full and transparent analysis as to what is the best technology for the people of this city.”
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