ME THINKS! CBC report on McCallum’s feet not being visible on video footage is very interesting

CBC reporter Jason Proctor in a June 11 report on the RCMP’s search warrant in Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum’s case — in which he had claimed that a woman ran over his foot with her car — that led to a public mischief charge against him brings out a very interesting fact.

Proctor wrote: “According to the search warrant, a “small shrub” obscures McCallum’s legs from the knee down in the video.

“As the [vehicle] was pulled away, McCallum began to angle his body away from the [vehicle],” the document says.

“McCallum does make a very small movement with his left leg, but due to the angle of the shrub, it is unclear what was the cause or purpose of this movement.”

The search warrant also states further on: “As the [redacted] is driving away, the rear passenger side tire passes McCallum as he starts turning his body away from the [redacted] and starts to simultaneously walk as the tire passes him. [McCallum’s feet are not visible in this video clip as the same shrub mentioned earlier is blocking the view].”

Some analysts tell The VOICE that this fact could be a key defence argument in favour of McCallum. McCallum’s lawyer is Richard Peck who is regarded as the best legal brain.

Also, Surrey-ites wonder what fairness McCallum can expect after a judge allowed the search warrant to be unsealed before the trial.

Meanwhile, it’s quite clear that the RCMP’s main focus in Surrey is not on gangsters and terrorists – it is on McCallum.

Because it is all about trying to sabotage the ongoing transition from the RCMP to the Surrey Police Service.

Government sources tell The VOICE that the RCMP is still deliberately dragging its feet in the transition process. As is well known, the RCMP and its police union have been trying every trick in the book in coordination with some councillors to sabotage the process. The disgraceful rowdy demonstration in Surrey City Council recently by a group of old white people supporting the RCMP vividly shows how low this group can stoop and just how desperate they are.

However, government sources have also made it clear to The VOICE that there is no turning back the transition process no matter who wins in the upcoming municipal election.


(VOICE opinion column)


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