ME THINKS! Fascist mob keeps harassing Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum

Why can’t they let Surrey-ites decide in the upcoming municipal election who they want as mayor?


OPPONENTS of Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum are so afraid of the support that he still commands and fear that he will win a second consecutive term as mayor — especially in view of delivering on his promises of a municipal police service to replace the RCMP and a SkyTrain extension from Surrey to Langley — that they have been increasingly resorting to FASCIST AND UNDEMOCRATIC MOB BEHAVIOUR.

Quite obviously the losers are the usual suspects — a section of mainstream media (also known as FAKE MEDIA) who supported McCallum’s opponents in the last municipal election and who are inciting such demeaning behaviour as sore losers, and (who else but) the RCMP bosses and the RCMP supporters who have been consistently flouting democratic norms.

They also have poodles in various organizations (we all know the one that claims to be looking for Surrey’s interests, but keeps sabotaging the Surrey municipal police and the SkyTrain extension, and whose executives have NOT been elected by Surrey-ites.)

And, of course, there are the “Three Blind Mice” councillors (see story below) who think that the only way they can win is by getting rid of McCallum BEFORE the election! They have all made Surrey look like a JOKE.

BUT, of course, they are dreaming if they think they can pressure McCallum to step down — and all their dirty tactics have failed!

Why can’t they let Surrey-ites decide in the upcoming municipal election who they want as mayor? Are they so insecure about their own support? What a bunch of morons!

It is time that McCallum’s supporters came out in large numbers to confront such mobs whose racism is well known — remember how they called South Asians “taxi drivers” and mocked the suggestion of a Surrey municipal force as “Delhi Police” at Surrey City Hall a couple of years ago?


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