Michael Krawetz of Surrey faces 12 charges in Tsawwassen incident

Delta Police spokesperson Cris Leykauf

CHARGES have now been sworn in relation to a series of events that unfolded on April 30 in Tsawwassen, starting with a break and enter in progress, and ending with collisions, and an attempted car-jacking.

Michael John Krawetz, 47, of Surrey is facing 12 charges including break and enter, theft over $5,000, possession of stolen property, assault, dangerous driving, fail to stop, robbery and attempted theft of a motor vehicle. Krawetz remains in police custody, and will next appear in court in Surrey on May 10.

A female suspect is also wanted in relation to these matters, and the incident remains under investigation.

Around 12:30 p.m. on Monday, Delta Police received a call about a possible break and enter in progress in a residential area near Brandrith Park in Tsawwassen. As police vehicles began to arrive to the area, a U-Haul van, leaving the scene, collided with a police vehicle. The officer was not injured in the collision.

Due to concerns over public safety police did not pursue the U-Haul van, but noted the driver leaving at a high rate of speed. The U-Haul was observed heading north on 56th Street. According to witnesses, the U-Haul allegedly ran a red light, clipped one vehicle, jumped the median and was involved in a head-on collision with another van.

According to a number of witnesses, the U-Haul driver then exited his van and tried to take another vehicle in the area of the Town Centre mall. When that attempt was unsuccessful, the driver fled and was apprehended by a number of citizens in the area. Officers then arrived to arrest the driver, who is currently in police custody.

“We’re very thankful that no one was seriously injured during these events,” said Cris Leykauf, spokesperson for Delta Police. In regard to the Good Samaritans who stepped in to restrain the suspect, she noted that while police appreciate the intent of the citizens, these type of actions can be very risky.

“Generally speaking, we recommend that if people want to help police, the best thing they can do is to be a good witness. Noting details such as a suspect’s direction of travel, clothing and any other descriptors is very useful,” she noted.


“Property crime such as break and enters, or theft from vehicles, is one of the top concerns for police in Tsawwassen,” said Leykauf. “Our officers are very pleased to have some significant charges in relation to this issue.”