THIS weekend, The VOICE brings you the REAL story about the mess that policing in B.C. is in and why?


Here’s something to chew on …


“For 10 years we’ve known about the money laundering not only in casinos because I can tell you we have not even gone past the tip of the iceberg because if you want to look at the stock market you will find that this is a significant area of money laundering and has been for the last 25-30 years, if not longer, and we are not even looking at that. When you start to look at luxury cars and the race track, yes, it’s good that you are looking at that but that is low hanging fruit. The real estate one is a big one, but I’ll tell you you’ve got to start to look at the stock market and see how much money is being laundered through that. But again, you have to have resources to do it. The RCMP have said they don’t have the resources to do it. Yes, the positions are there but there are only four or five positions that are actually filled and they are working on civil forfeiture.”