RCMP has 460 empty positions in B.C.

THE RCMP in B.C. that is desperately trying to cling on to Surrey where the new municipal force — Surrey Police Service — has been steadily taking over from the paramilitary force received a rude jolt on Thursday as The Globe and Mail revealed that there are 460 empty positions in this province.

According to a Library of Parliament report released at the end of January shows that the RCMP had 813 empty positions across the country in June 2022, including 460 in B.C. The Globe and Mail said that the force confirmed last week that the overall totals remain roughly the same.

It also pointed out that the numbers don’t include the “soft” vacancies caused when Mounties take extended leave for family or health reasons.

The RCMP are so desperate at this stage that they are also rehiring former Mounties and police officers who want to transfer from other departments.

From The Globe and Mail report it becomes very clear that the Mounties will not be able to fil up vacancies for years.

And, of course, the well-known “toxic atmosphere” in the paramilitary force is not going to help the RCMP get too many young recruits — or others.


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