More NDP-led chaos at BC Housing: BC Liberals

THE BC Liberals on Friday highlighted what they said was chronic NDP mismanagement at BC Housing, as disturbing new reports about the deteriorating and unlivable conditions in Vancouver single-room occupancy residences (SROs) surfaced.

“From deplorable and unsanitary living conditions to persistent false alarms that put further stress on emergency services, and reports of questionable financial practices, we are seeing a rising crisis in social housing on the NDP’s watch,” said Karin Kirkpatrick, BC Liberal Critic for Housing.

“BC Housing has a responsibility to work with these SROs and ensure they are providing the basic care that residents need, but the NDP is utterly failing to do its job. These problems start at the top and it is our most vulnerable who end up paying the price for government incompetence.”

The BC Liberals said that recent  news stories are just the latest evidence of the worsening state of BC Housing under the NDP. Over the last few months, buried reports showing financial mismanagement at Atira Women’s Housing Society and BC Housing, exit interviews detailing the departure of 102 staff in the last two years, and the atrocious conditions in government-funded SROs have painted a clear picture of an organization in chaos.

“Successive NDP housing ministers, including [Premier] David Eby, have completely failed to ensure that BC Housing is fulfilling its most basic functions,” said Kirkpatrick. “Not only are the NDP dramatically behind on their housing targets, but they are falling far short of providing vulnerable people with the quality housing and care they desperately need. It’s time for Eby to accept responsibility for the terrible results of his NDP government over the last six years and take the steps needed to change course.”


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