Multiculturalism Week: one quarter of B.C.’s population identifies as visible minorities

HEADLINES wat-Teresa

MULTICULTURALISM Minister Teresa Wat issued the following statement on Monday:

“Please join me in celebrating our multicultural heritage and ethnic diversity. Every year, the third week in November is proclaimed as B.C. Multiculturalism Week. It is an opportunity for us to create safer, more welcoming communities that support diversity and reject discrimination.

“B.C. is a place of inclusiveness and unlimited opportunity; our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths. Today, one quarter of B.C.’s population identifies as visible minorities, making B.C. the most ethnically diverse province in Canada. This diversity brings many benefits.

“Our deep historical, cultural and business ties with other countries enable us to create strong trading partnerships and diversify our markets, while our multicultural workforce helps us drive innovation and economic growth. We can all work together to build a strong economy and a place for families to grow and thrive in vibrant multicultural communities.

“As Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism, I encourage everyone to join in the week’s celebrations and to reach out to your communities, your families and your neighbours to appreciate the differences that define us and to recognize that diversity enriches us all.”