Labour Outreach Session 2014 with MLA Harry Bains


JOINED by labour leaders who represent workers around the province, Surrey-Newton MLA Harry Bains recently discussed a wide range of issues regarding working people, jobs and the economy.

He said creating good paying, sustainable jobs for British Columbians was the focus of concern. We have an opportunity to create these jobs with the development of the LNG industry but this must be done right.

Bains said the Premier attending trade missions around the world and giving our jobs away to temporary foreign workers is not acceptable.  He added: “We need to ensure these jobs are going to British Columbians first. We need a government willing to invest in the people of British Columbia and provide trades training so our young workers can benefit from good paying jobs, be productive and contribute to our economy.”

Bains noted that this government has farmed out the building of  BC Ferries and the Seabus to offshore companies. Raw log exports have skyrocketed in the last two years with the minister overruling his own handpicked Timber Advisory Committee over 100 times in the last year and a half.  Mills are not being provided with enough timber to run at full capacity.  “In a province as rich as ours, we must use our natural resources to create jobs here in for in British Columbia for British Columbians,” said Bains.