Murder victim Karmjit “Jazzy” Sran’s wife and sister-in-law face a civil forfeiture proceeding in B.C. Supreme Court

ABBOTSFORD alleged crime boss, 43-year-old Karmjit “Jazzy” Sran, was shot dead on July 10 at his residence in the 2700-block of Lucern Crescent. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team is in charge of the homicide investigation.  was called out to take conduct of the investigation.

Sran was in prison in 2019 awaiting an extradition hearing related to a drug-smuggling case and had had his application for interim release denied by B.C. Supreme Court. It’s not clear when he was granted release from prison.

According to court documents, a driver was arrested in November 2013 at the Sumas, Washington border crossing after 19 kilograms of cocaine was found in his truck. He later started cooperating with U.S, investigators and said he was working for two organizations, one of which had a boss he knew as “Jazzy.” Sran, who was working in the construction industry, went by the names of Jazzy or Jessi.

The murder scene in the 2700-block of Lucern Crescent of Abbotsford.
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The witness introduced Jazzy to a U.S. Homeland Security agent who was working undercover as a drug trafficker and the two had had four face-to-face meetings in February and March of 2014 where they discussed the purchase and smuggling of cocaine into Canada from the United States, according to court documents. There were three transactions of supposed cocaine with a total street value of around $2 million.

The U.S requested Sran’s extradition. An extradition warrant was issued in April 2019 and Sran was arrested.

Now, the Director of Civil Forfeiture of the Ministry of Attorney General’s Legal Services Branch has filed a notice of civil claim (civil forfeiture) in B.C. Supreme Court against Sran’s wife Cindy and Cindy’s sister, Rajni Kaushal.

The director wants Kaushal’s 2013 Nissan Rogue forfeited as well as $60,010 seized from the vehicle on April 29, 2020; $2,305 in Canadian currency and $100 in American currency seized from Cindy Sran on April 29, 2020; and $7,715 in Canadian currency seized from the Sran residence by the RCMP on April 30, 2020.

(This is the government’s information and no statement of defence has been filed as yet.)

According to court documents, in early 2020, the RCMP initiated an investigation into the drug trafficking activities of Karmjit Singh Sran and Kaushal. Kaushal resided at 13280 61st Avenue in Surrey. Sran and Kaushal were using a property at 128-32850 George Ferguson Way in Abbotsford as a “stash house” for the purpose of drug trafficking.

The RCMP conducted surveillance of the two from March 18 to April 29, 2020, and observed multiple meetings between them indicative of drug trafficking.

The RCMP observed Kaushal and/or Sran conduct 14 short duration meetings and four hand-to-hand transactions with other individuals consistent with drug trafficking.

According to court documents, on April 29, the RCMP observed Sran exit the stash house carrying a black object under his right arm, partially covered by his jacket, meet with Kaushal in the vehicle carrying the black object partially covered by his jacket; and exit the Vehicle, with only his jacket in hand. Shortly thereafter, at approximately 1:24 p.m., the Vancouver Police Department conducted a traffic stop of the vehicle at or near the 130- block of Alberni Street in Vancouver. The RCMP arrested Kaushal for possession for the purpose of trafficking. They located a black shopping bag containing six bundles totaling $59,500 in Canadian currency, bundled with elastic bands, and $510 more in Canadian currency. They also found 2.95 grams of cocaine, an encrypted cellphone and an iPhone. The RCMP seized the vehicle and $60,010 in Canadian currency, according to court documents.

Also, on April 29, the RCMP observed Sran leave his residence in a Mercedes GTS and visit 30616 Brookside Avenue in Abbotsford where a black Cadillac Escalade was parked in the driveway.

At approximately 5:21 p.m., Cindy Sran arrived at her residence in a Range Rover and met with Kaushal in the driveway.  The Escalade left the Brookside Avenue residence and Sran arrived in it at his residence. At approximately 6:10 p.m., Sran left his residence in the Escalade and drove directly to the stash house at 128-32850 George Ferguson Way in Abbotsford.

According to court documents, the RCMP determined Sran was relocating controlled substances and/or cash from his residence to the stash house.

On April 30, the RCMP arrested Sran for possession for the purpose of trafficking at the stash house.

They searched Sran incidental to his arrest and located $510 in Canadian currency; a BQ Aquarius X2, an encrypted cellphone; and a Samsung Note 8 cellphone.

The RCMP executed a search warrant at the stash house and located 90.63 grams of cocaine and documents in Sran’s name.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., the RCMP observed Cindy Sran and Kaushal leave the Sran residence in the Range Rover. The RCMP conducted a traffic stop of the Range Rover at the Chevron gas station located at 2254 Whatcom Road in Abbotsford. They arrested Cindy Sran for trafficking a controlled substance.

The RCMP searched Cindy Sran incidental to her arrest and located a record of transactions, including sale, collection and debt and $5 in Canadian currency in the front pocket of her hoodie, and $2,300 in Canadian currency and $100 in American currency in her purse.

The RCMP arrested Kaushal for trafficking a controlled substance.

They searched the Range Rover incidental to the arrests of Cindy Sran and Kaushal and located a $15,000 TD Bank draft dated April 29, 2020, in Kaushal’s purse.

The RCMP executed a search warrant at the Sran residence and located gun ammunition; score sheets; $5,450 in Canadian currency in a Gucci box in a bedroom; $2,050 in Canadian currency in a bedroom; $215 in Canadian currency; and two Samsung cellphones.

The RCMP seized $10,020 in Canadian currency and $100 in American currency of the money from Cindy Sran and the Sran residence. The money was found in proximity to controlled substances and/or was bundled or packaged in a manner not consistent with standard banking practices. On May 5, samples of the money were subjected to Ion Spectrometry Testing and tested positive for cocaine contamination, according to court documents.

Two months later, Sran was dead.

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