NDP: Average family to save additional $3,400 a year under Horgan’s plan

THE BC NDP said on Friday that after delivering the largest middle-class tax cut in BC history by eliminating MSP bills, its leader John Horgan says his plan to move BC forward will save an average family of four an additional $3,400 a year.

“When the BC Liberals were in power, they gave tax cuts to those at the top and made everyone else pay for it with tolls and higher medical premiums,” said Horgan. “We’ve worked hard to bring the cost of living down, but we know there’s much more to do. Our plan will help more families build a secure and affordable future.”

The NDP said Horgan made the comments after speaking with people whose lives were made easier by his BC NDP government. He noted that the BC Liberals doubled MSP and the cost of housing, car insurance, and hydro all skyrocketed on their watch. Horgan cancelled tax cuts for the wealthy and gave it back to people—eliminating MSP bills and tolls while investing in affordable childcare and housing.

“Despite all the challenges facing people right now, Mr. Wilkinson has doubled down on a plan where the wealthy get tax-free yachts and everyone else pays the price,” said Horgan. “Over the next few years, we will take concrete action to make life easier for people in BC — helping families with kids, renters, students and everyone.”

John Horgan’s plan to make life more affordable:

  • A recovery benefit for British Columbians of up to $1000 for middle-class and low income families, $500 for individuals.
  • Help for people who rent their homes with a rent freeze until 2021 and a renters’ rebate of up to $400 a year.
  • Better access to affordable childcare, expanding our $10 a day plan while protecting the $350 childcare fee reduction.
  • Move people around more affordably—cutting ICBC rates by $400, free transit for kids up to 12, and expanding transit options in growing communities.
  • Expand the BC Access Grant, giving more middle-class students access to as much as $4,000 a year to help them pay the cost of tuition and textbooks.