NDP’s Kahlon: Wilkinson must explain candidate’s role in alleged voter fraud plan

BC NDP candidate Ravi Kahlon on Thursday wrote to B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson seeking clarity on BC Liberal candidate from Surrey-Fleetwood, Garry Thind’s role in his campaign’s plan to illegally request mail-in ballots on behalf of other people.

On Wednesday, Wilkinson avoided a direct question about Thind’s knowledge of the plan.
The BC Liberals have fired the campaign worker involved, but have not disclosed any information on Thind’s involvement, said Kahlon.

Read Kahlon’s letter to Wilkinson.

October 1, 2020

BC Liberal Party

PO Box 28131 West Pender St PO,

Vancouver, BC  V6C3T7

Dear Andrew Wilkinson,

On Tuesday night, Elections BC started investigating BC Liberal Candidate Garry Thind’s campaign for allegedly violating the “Corrupt Voting” provision of the Election Act.

Through a WhatsApp message group, Thind’s campaign directed nearly 100 volunteers to gather the personal information of voters so the campaign could request mail-in ballots on their behalf.

There were only two administrators in the WhatsApp group: Baldeep Jhand, who issued the direction, and Garry Thind, your candidate.

Although you have fired Mr. Jhand, you have not provided any information about Mr. Thind’s role in this activity.

When media asked yesterday what Mr. Thind has disclosed to your party about his involvement, you did not answer the question and explained that you “first heard this about half an hour ago.” You also said you “hope to have more clarity in the days to come.”

Now that you have had another 24 hours to familiarize yourself with the situation, I hope you are able to provide more answers.

We have complete faith in Elections B.C. to investigate whether the campaign’s instructions were acted on and if any illegal activity actually took place. But regardless of whether the plan was successfully carried out, ask yourself: are you comfortable endorsing a candidate if he either participated or was complicit in planning this illegal activity? 

I genuinely hope the answer is no.