New task force to review North Delta Area Plan

DELTA Council on Monday denied the application for a high rise at 75A Avenue and Scott Road.

During the debate, Delta Mayor George Harvie spoke about the need for affordable housing choices in the community to support young families and seniors and help keep generations together in North Delta. To lead the changes necessary for this vision, Harvie has asked staff to prepare a Housing Action Task Force report for Delta Council’s consideration. The Mayor’s Housing Action Task Force will focus on reviewing the North Delta Area Plan’s Scott Road corridor section.

Harvie said: “My vision is to give assurance to the North Delta residential community that Delta has a current plan that will not be subject to ongoing significant development applications. This will also provide certainty for the development community by providing assurances about where much needed housing can be built along the Scott Road corridor.”

The Mayor’s Housing Action Task Force will be structured to effectively utilize the results of the housing needs assessment, which received a high level of engagement from stakeholders and the community this fall. The Mayor’s Housing Action Task Force will be a key part of the next phase of the Housing Action Plan related to the Scott Road corridor to address Delta’s specific housing needs in all areas of the housing continuum.

Harvie said: “I will work with the residents of North Delta through the Mayor’s Housing Task Force to develop a housing plan that is supported by the community and looks after everyone, including youth, seniors, and the most vulnerable. We need to work together to close the housing gap. We also need to work to bring the community together, mend relationships, and address the issues raised by the many committed people who took the time to be part of this process, particularly during the Public Hearing. I will ask my new Task Force to take all of this input into account and bring forward a plan that helps to bring the community together and provide the housing options we so desperately need.”


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