One Surrey’s public safety package gets even more expensive, says Surrey First


Linda Hepner Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Linda Hepner
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

THE One Surrey plan to train 200 so-called community safety officers just got even more expensive, due to an apparent last minute policy change in the final days of the Surrey election campaign.

During a live radio debate this morning, candidate Barinder Rasode said these proposed officers would be trained like BC’s Sheriffs – a higher level of training and responsibility than first indicated.

“Her initial $8 million plan was already underfunded, but now it’s even worse,” said Surrey First mayoral candidate Linda Hepner. “BC Sheriffs make about $54,000 a year, so 200 community safety officers would cost $10.8 million in salary alone in order treat them fairly, never mind additional costs like training, uniforms, operational costs and benefits. But what really astounds me is that the platform is suddenly shifting on the fly at the last minute, as her plan comes under scrutiny. At Surrey First we have committed to a firm, well thought out platform that has been fully researched and costed. We stand by it, and our record, as we head into Saturday’s election.”

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