Ontario’s Peel Police cautions South Asians about Ayurvedic sex medicine Kamini containing opium

ONTARIO’S Peel Regional Police Major Drug and Vice Bureau is warning members of the public about a substance commonly known as ‘Kamini’ that is being sold in the Region of Peel.

The substance is being sold at stores and shops predominantly frequented by the South Asian community.  The substance is being sold off the shelf or from a hidden supply within the store / shop.  “Kamini” is being packaged for sale in zip-lock baggies, as well as in packaging which looks as though it comes from a manufacturer.  The product sold in the manufacturers’ packaging may contain opium.

Kamini Vidrawan Ras is an Ayurvedic medicine with herbal and mineral ingredients.  It comes in tablet form, and appears in various shades of brown and black. It is used in aphrodisiac therapy.

Through scientific analysis it has been determined that one of the active ingredients in the “Kamini” being sold in the zip lock baggies is Papaver Somniferum, commonly known as opium.  Opium in Canada is classified as an illegal substance under the Controlled Drug and Substance Act, Schedule I.

Being in possession of this substance could result in several charges under the Controlled Drug and Substance Act, including, but not limited to, possession of substance, trafficking in substance, importing and exporting, or production of a substance.

As a retailer you are responsible for the products you import, buy, sell or distribute, and should be aware of the contents and ingredients they contain.

If you are in possession of this product and would like to dispose of it, you can contact the Major Drugs and Vice Bureau of the Peel Regional Police Divisions at the number listed below.

Anyone being found in possession of this substance after April 6 may be charged accordingly under the Controlled Drug and Substance Act.

Peel Regional Police will continue to investigate any information, or any allegation of persons who are in possession of or trafficking, any controlled substance, including “Kamini”. If you have any information with regards to this illegal drug, please contact Major Drugs and Vice Bureau at Peel Regional Police, 905-453-2121, ext. 3515.