OPINION: Our children can’t wait for change

John Horgan
Photo by Jay Sharma of Mahi Photo Studio



B.C. New Democrats


THIS spring British Columbians voted overwhelmingly to replace Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberal government with a new government that will make life better for people.

People voted to make life more affordable, for shorter health care wait times, and for a sustainable economy with better paying jobs.

Families voted for a government that will deliver quality public education to our children. They voted for a government that will replace schools in danger of collapsing in an earthquake and a government that will get kids out of portables and into real classrooms.

They voted for a government that doesn’t need to be told by the Supreme Court of Canada to invest in education.

I can’t wait to get to work delivering the change people voted for. I want parents and teachers and kids to know that help is on the way. But we aren’t there yet.

Together, we can ensure public education in B.C. offers the next generation of children the opportunity to unlock their full potential. We can ensure that parents aren’t forced to fundraise for basics like playgrounds and school supplies. We can deliver on a public education system we can be proud of.

The agreement between the B.C. New Democrats and the B.C. Greens to deliver stable government and the change people voted for presents a golden opportunity to improve our education system for children today and for future generations.

Children can’t afford to wait any longer than they already have. An entire generation of kids has been robbed of the education they deserved because of Christy Clark’s choice to spend money fighting teachers in courtrooms instead of investing in classrooms.

It’s going to take time to fix problems created by Christy Clark’s choices, and children need our help today.

Right now school districts are trying to finalize their budgets for the next school year. They need certainty about what’s to come.  Instead of being able to move forward and deliver smaller class sizes with better supports, they have been left waiting by Christy Clark.

Some schools are asking childcare providers to move to make way for students, leaving parents without desperately needed childcare for their children. We need swift government action to address this problem. We can’t afford to lose childcare spaces at a time when too many families are struggling to find safe, affordable, childcare.

Parents need help today. Further delay will only cause stress and uncertainty for families.

We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work solving the problems created by 16 years of bad choices from Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals.

We’re ready to work together to deliver the change that people voted for.

The people of British Columbia made a choice. They voted for a government that works for everyday people, not just the well-connected who write the cheques.

Our children can’t wait any longer for better schools.