‘Particularly challenging time for Surrey RCMP,’ says incoming police chief

THE City of Surrey’s move for a municipal police force was on the minds of both the incumbent Officer in Charge of the Surrey RCMP, Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald, and the incoming Officer in Charge, Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards as they met with the media on Thursday.

McDonald noted: “Chief Superintendent Edwards was also the lead on the BC RCMP’s Surrey Contract Management Project Team, so he is well-informed on the City’s desire to move to a municipal police force.  However, this is not a temporary appointment for Brian and, while the future of policing in Surrey is unknown, I know he hopes to be the Surrey RCMP’s Officer in Charge for many years to come. “

Edwards pointed out: “I do understand that this is a particularly challenging time for the Surrey RCMP as the City of Surrey petitions the Province of BC to create its own police department.  I know this has been an unsettling time for both the residents of Surrey and the police officers and support staff who work at this detachment.’

He added: “While the future of policing in Surrey remains uncertain at this time, I want to assure Surrey citizens that we remain focussed on your public safety concerns and engaging with you at the community level.  To the members and staff here, your well-being both on and off the job is extremely important to me. I will do my best to lead you through this challenge and any others that may arise, with the support you deserve.”