Pro Rep Info Line launched

FAIR Vote Canada BC announced on Sunday it is launching a Pro Rep Information Line to answer any questions voters may have about proportional representation.

“We are launching the Pro Rep Information Line because of all the valuable conversations our volunteers have had with voters over the past months,” says Gisela Ruckert, President of Fair Vote Canada BC.

“The second question on BC’s ballot is optional, and excellent information is available from Elections BC. But we know some voters would appreciate a conversation with a fellow voter who is informed about the issues.”

The Pro Rep Information Line will take messages, and calls will be returned as soon as possible by a Fair Vote Canada volunteer – usually within 24 hours.

“We know many voters are still undecided, and while advertising is important, it’s a one way conversation. In addition to being out in communities across BC, we wanted to make sure as many voters in BC as possible can get the information they want.”

The Pro Rep Information Line can be reached at 778-588-9563. Voters are encouraged to leave their name, number and question clearly.


  1. How many MLA’s will there be under Pro Rep?
    Will MLA’s be elected or will some get appointed?
    Will our electoral boundaries change?

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