Quebec Govt Mum On Details Of Controversial Minorities Bill

Quebec Govt has confirmed that it intends to move forward with a controversial plan on minority accommodation but it is still mum on the details.

Some members of minority communities in Quebec had reacted sharply to the idea.

Premier Pauline Marois did not confirm the specific details.

“Let’s wait for the legislation to be tabled before commenting,” she told a local newspaper in Montreal.

The government intends to put forward a discussion paper, seek to build a consensus, then table a bill and negotiate with other political parties in the legislature.

It’s unclear such a plan could be adopted in the current minority legislature, or whether it would remain an unresolved issue in the next election campaign.

The proposed plan has also angered several medical professionals and day-care workers, who say they will never allow the government to dictate what they wear and some have said they would rather leave Quebec.

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair has said he won’t comment until he sees an official plan — adding that he won’t comment on a “trial balloon“.

While most party leaders avoided comment, Justin Trudeau became the first prominent federal politician to speak up.

The Liberal leader castigated the idea and said the Quebec government would damage Quebec’s reputation if it proceeded with such a policy.

“Like we saw with the (recent) soccer turban ban, people laughed at Quebecers,” said Trudeau, a Quebec MP.

The Prime Minister’s Office, for its part, said: “It’s a debate that will occur at the provincial level,” while Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney tweeted late Wednesday that “freedom of religion is a universal principle.”