RATTAN’S RUMBLE: Justin Trudeau: Breath of fresh air – or marijuana?

Justin Trudeau: What have you been smoking, dude? Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Justin Trudeau: What have you been smoking, dude?
Photo by Chandra Bodalia


HE was supposed to be a breath of fresh air – the young, dynamic alternative to a stale, aging Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

But what all of the mean Conservative propaganda machine could not achieve as it lambasted Trudeau with lies and distortions, Trudeau has been able to achieve for his enemies with blunder after blunder in the Liberal nomination process across the country.

It really seems that his past dalliance with marijuana has affected the judgement part of his brain!

Just last weekend, retired Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie was chosen as the Liberal candidate in an east-end Ottawa riding (Orleans) in a nomination battle that was “so contentious police were called to the meeting,” the Globe and Mail reported.

The newspaper also pointed out: “Last May, Ryan Davey dropped out of the race to represent the Liberals in a by-election in the Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina, saying the nomination had become a de facto appointment by Mr. Trudeau of star candidate Adam Vaughan.

“Another Liberal, Christine Innes, blocked from running in the by-election over alleged bullying tactics by her team, filed a defamation lawsuit against party officials.”

And of course, it also noted: “In Vancouver South, businessman Barjinder Singh Dhahan dropped out of the nomination race last month amid reports Mr. Trudeau and his advisers favoured retired Lieutenant-Colonel Harjit Singh Sajjan.”

Indeed, what have Trudeau and his pathetic advisors been smoking?


Barj Dhahan Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Barj Dhahan
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

MY sources had informed me last week that the CBC was doing a follow-up on the Vancouver South scandal – yes, I call it a SCANDAL!

It fully exposes the IMMATURITY of Trudeau in not understanding the ground realities and allowing himself to be manipulated.

In my front-page story in The VOICE of November 29 – “Barj Dhahan forced to bow out of Liberal nomination race, supporters lash out at party” – I exposed Trudeau’s dictatorial attitude.

I also noted that I had predicted this drama in this riding in a write-up last March.

I wrote at the time:

“That’s the controversial riding where then-Liberal federal minister Herb Dhaliwal was forced to quit by that petty-minded then-Liberal leader Paul Martin who encouraged his poodles led by Shinder Purewal to take over the riding executive because Dhaliwal had been a loyal Jean Chretien supporter. Martin, after having used Purewal to do his dirty work, dumped him and parachuted NDP-turned-Liberal Ujjal Dosanjh into the riding.

Lt-Col. (retd.) Harjit Sajjan Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Lt-Col. (retd.) Harjit Sajjan
Photo by Chandra Bodalia

“Dosanjh narrowly lost to Conservative Wai Young in the last election and with Trudeau’s popularity, the Liberals hope to win back the riding.

“The Liberals have two fresh faces: well-known Vancouver entrepreneur Barj S. Dhahan and Lt. Col. Harjit Singh Sajjan, the first Sikh in Canada to take command of a British Columbia regiment.

“According to my sources, Trudeau actually favours Sajjan who received a prominent role at the Liberal convention in Montreal two weeks ago when he introduced the star speaker Lt. General (retired) Andrew Leslie.

“But as Trudeau has declared that there will be open nominations, all he can do is give hints or put pressure on Dhahan through others.

“But I am told Dhahan is not one to back down and enjoys the support of the Khalsa Diwan Society’s Ross Street Gurdwara executive.”


THE CBC was supposed to air the report on Friday, and then on Monday, my sources told me. I was told there were some legal clarifications that had to be dealt with. Finally, they released it on Tuesday:

“B.C. Sikhs quit Liberals to protest Justin Trudeau’s ‘star’ candidate – Party stalwarts in Vancouver South nomination fight say Liberal leader ‘manipulated’”

Their website piece stated: “A large group of Sikh Liberals in British Columbia is quitting the party, saying Trudeau is being “manipulated” by Sikhs under the banner of the World Sikh Organization.”

Rajinder Singh Bhela, former general secretary of the Ross Street Temple told the CBC: “We think this Liberal Party’s been hijacked by the WSO,” and former president Kashmir Dhaliwal said: “The Liberal Party, especially Justin, is in bed with extremist and fundamental groups. That’s why I decided to leave the Liberal Party.”

Prem Vinning
Prem Vinning

CBC also noted: “Harjit Sajjan is the son of a veteran WSO [World Sikh Organization] board member, Kundan Sajjan, who led fundamentalists in a losing battle with moderates over control of the Ross Street Temple.”

It also pointed out: “Many of the disaffected Liberals say Trudeau is under the influence of [Prem] Vinning and of Navdeep Bains, a former Liberal MP from Brampton and the son of a WSO founder.”

Anyway, you can read the rest of the piece at www.cbc.ca.


BUT what really disgusted me further was Trudeau’s shameless attitude. He told the CBC: “In various situations across the country, there have been issues with different candidates and some people have chosen to withdraw.”

No, Mr. Trudeau, they did not “choose” – they were “BULLIED” into withdrawing.

Trudeau also said: “”There are winners and there are people who don’t win. And, from time to time, the people who didn’t succeed through the process will have complaints, and that’s just part and parcel of it. But the open nominations — letting the communities have the final word on who will be their next Liberal candidate — have been a tremendous success and I’m very proud of it.”

What! You are very proud of all these UNDEMOCRATIC manipulations, Mr. Trudeau? What happened to the OPEN NOMINATIONS?

Then I think (as the saying goes) it’s better to trust the devil you know (Harper) than the devil you don’t (Trudeau)!

Guess who’s laughing away in Vancouver South right now?

Incumbent Conservative MP Wai Young.

Good luck, Sajjan!


ON Thursday, The World Sikh Organization in a press release stated:

“The World Sikh Organization of Canada would like to correct recent reports that it has endorsed candidates or is involved in nomination battles in the Liberal Party of Canada.

“A CBC report stating that the WSO is involved in the backroom battles among warring Liberal Party members is not only inaccurate, it is defamatory. Other media outlets are requested to contact the WSO before repeating and spreading this misinformation. Allegations that the WSO is linked to, endorses, or supports any form of violence are false and malicious.

“Our legal counsel has been in touch with CBC management.

“The WSO is a non-partisan, human rights organization, with a mandate to promote and protect the interests of Canadian Sikhs as well as to promote and advocate for the protection of human rights of all individuals, irrespective of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and social and economic status.

“The WSO does not, as a matter of policy, endorse or support any specific political party or individual candidates.  The WSO, like many other Canadian organizations, is comprised of individual members who have diverse interests that run across the social and political spectrum. The WSO maintains its independence from all political parties.

“December 2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the founding of the WSO. The organization has been at the forefront of addressing human rights issues through dialogue, education and engagement with the legal system, including three appearances at the Supreme Court of Canada. We stand proudly by our record of service.”



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