Liberals achieve new Q3 record: 53,341 Canadians chipped in $7,276, 261

THE Liberal Party of Canada has achieved a record-breaking third quarter for support from grassroots donors, with a new Q3 high of 53,341 Canadians chipping in $7,276, 261 to support Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.

“In the Q3 that led into the 2019 general election, more Canadians than ever before chipped in to support Justin Trudeau and hardworking Liberal volunteers and campaigns across Canada,” said Azam Ishmael, National Director of the Liberal Party of Canada. “On October 21, Canadians sent the Liberal team back to Ottawa with a mandate to make life more affordable, to continue to fight climate change, and get guns off our streets. We’ve made real progress for Canadians over these past four years, and working together, there’s much more to do.”

The median donation to the Liberal Party in Q3 was just $20 at a time, and 93 percent of all donations were under $200. There are also now more active monthly grassroots donors to the Liberal Party of Canada than at any other time in the party’s history, building on the continued success of local Electoral District Associations out-fundraising their Conservative counterparts at a margin of nearly 2-to-1.

The Liberal Party claims that filings with Elections Canada also continue to highlight that Liberal supporters are getting far more value for their donations than Conservatives. Annual returns since 2015 show that the Conservative Party spent $22,519,872 on fundraising expenses throughout 2016-2018, while the Liberal Party spent just $9,254,606.

Q3 filings from all parties will be available on Elections Canada’s website at