RATTAN’S RUMBLE: When that hated politician, Gordon Campbell, pissed off the unions!

Gordon Campbell Photo by Chandra Bodalia
Gordon Campbell
Photo by Chandra Bodalia


HEY dudes, dost thou remember that hated politician who once was our premier until British Columbians finally picked up enough courage to kick his butt out of power when they could no longer put up with his lies and deception?

Back in 2001 and 2002 when he was busy tearing up union contracts and bulldozing unions left and right after having lied to them that he would do no such thing if elected, he had to receive extra RCMP protection.

What a disgrace that was – a premier in a democracy like ours didn’t feel safe at home!

Well he and his Liberal MLA poodles had to face the wrath of British Columbians.

Not that I would encourage anyone to break the law, but the Bible does say: “Oppression can drive the wise one into madness” (that was wise King Solomon in the book of Ecclesiastes).

And that is what transpired back then.

The anger against Campbell was so intense that even his wife’s office at Sir Winston Churchill secondary, where she was vice-principal at the time, was firebombed.

RCMP increased police protection for Campbell though they refused to confirm or deny that when I called them up at the time. They told me it was not their policy to comment on such security matters.

Campbell’s Vancouver constituency office was firebombed earlier that year. Someone threw a small fire bomb through a letter slot. A wall was scorched, but no one was hurt.

As the Canadian Press report in May 2002 stated: “Campbell and other MLAs have received death threats since the Liberal government starting implementing its job and budget cuts.”

The report stated: “In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 [2001] terrorist attacks, Campbell was sent a letter containing a white powder that raised fears of the deadly anthrax letters in the United States. It turned out to be a hoax.

“He was also swarmed in late January [2002] during an impromptu protest about government cuts when he tried to enter a Victoria hotel to have lunch with the Canadian Alliance caucus.”

Two Victoria area Liberal MLAs had manure piles dumped at their constituency offices.

The then-caucus whip Kevin Krueger received death threats and had to lock his Kamloops-North Thompson constituency office.

Then-MLA Patty Sihota said placards threatening Campbell’s assassination were found outside her constituency office in Burnaby-Edmonds.



  1. So are we expecting the same again? Are union members terrorists? They definitely like holding hostages – innocent hostages.

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