Revolt brewing in B.C. Liberal Party (revised story)

Kevin Falcon
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EVEN as Christy Clark keeps up her classless and shameless political act by clinging on to her premiership, a revolt is already brewing against her in the B.C. Liberal Party and sources say former deputy premier Kevin Falcon may return to politics to take over as the party leader or throw his support behind some MLA.

Furious MLAs have nothing but hate for Clark and say she brought them down. They point out that ‘we had a good economy, we had a good job record and we still didn’t win, and the only reason we didn’t win was Christy Clark.’

They just can’t comprehend how Clark could have botched up the election campaign so badly.

Clark’s insistence on introducing a confidence vote in the B.C. Legislature that she knows she will lose is considered to be a waste of time by many. She says she will not request the lieutenant governor to call another election should the Liberals’ confidence vote be rejected.

NDP sources pooh-poohed rumours that Clark’s people were trying to engineer some defections from their party. They said Clark was merely following protocol by introducing a confidence vote. But we will have to wait and see as sources told The VOICE there were two NDP MLAs who were being approached by the Liberals to defect.

Clark will go down in B.C. history as a BAD LOSER.

Todd Stone                                                   Photo: Twitter

Among possible Liberal Party leadership candidates who would be popular choices to replace Clark are said to be Todd Stone (MLA-elect for Kamloops-South Thompson) and Andrew Wilkinson (MLA-elect for Vancouver-Quilchena).

Andrew Wilkinson
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Falcon’s stinging criticism in the Vancouver Sun after Clark failed to win a majority is seen as a sign that either he wants to try for the leadership (he lost to Clark for the leadership in 2011) or he is ‘creating a space’ for somebody else to step in.

Mike de Jong
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Mike de Jong (MLA-elect for Abbotsford West) is also likely to have a go at the leadership, hoping to win the support of South Asians. As finance minister, he can claim credit for the province’s good economy.



  1. Mike deJong, good economy??? The libtards have put us in DEBT to the tune of 73 BILLION dollars………..

    • Left wing sophistry? How does that happen with a christy clark LIBERAL government exactly? Are you confused by the fact Liberals, NDP and Green party are traditionally left leaning? Or will you admit the conservative party has hijacked the Liberal party in BC and are running as wolves in sheeps clothing?

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