Richmond RCMP officer charged with indecent acts near Vancouver school

A Richmond RCMP officer has been charged following an investigation by the Vancouver Police in relation to events that allegedly occurred in early 2019, while off duty.

In February 2019, Richmond RCMP senior officers were alerted that a police officer from that detachment was the subject of an indecent act investigation by the Vancouver Police. The officer is alleged to have, while off duty, committed indecent acts near a school in Vancouver.

“In addition to the Vancouver Police criminal investigation, the Richmond RCMP immediately launched an internal code of conduct investigation”, said Superintendent Will Ng, Richmond RCMP Detachment Commander, on Wednesday. “The allegations are concerning and are not in keeping with our expectations.”

The BC Prosecution Service has approved charges against Andrew Seangio, including 10 counts of indecent act and 1 count of voyeurism, for a total of 11 counts. The victims cannot be identified and are protected under a publication ban.

Seangio remains suspended with pay. His duty status is subject to continuous review and assessment. He is expected to appear next in a Vancouver Provincial Court on April 29.