Richmond RCMP travel 400 km to nab fugitive Erica Esquieres

RICHMOND RCMP on Thursday announced the arrest of a fugitive. Erica Esquieres, 26, has been wanted since July of 2019. She is facing 26-plus charges for fraud and related offences from multiple jurisdictions across the province, with 15 charges originating from Richmond alone.

Acting on several investigative tips, a team of Richmond RCMP officers set off from Richmond and traveled over 400 km to the town of Oliver, BC.

Esquieres was located and arrested in the 7000-block of Tuc-el-Nuit Drive on the morning of January 3. She is being held at Oliver pending a transfer to Richmond on Friday, January 10.

“She was one of our most wanted suspects. We were highly motivated in locating her whereabouts and ensuring she be returned to stand trial. Officers from our Property Crime Unit and our Economic Crime Unit made up the arrest team, and welcomed this chain of events to start off the New Year. Staying true to form, even at the end, Esquieres attempted to deceive our officers to avoid capture,” said Sgt. Gene Hsieh, NCO i/c Organized Crime Unit. “Fortunately, each and every officer on the arrest team, was quite familiar with Esquieres and her modus operandi.”