Richmond will receive up to $2.68 million to prevent gun crime, gang violence

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie (centre) and MPs Wilson Miao (2nd from right) and Parm, Bains (far right). Photo submitted

WILSON Miao, MP for Richmond Centre, and Parm Bains, MP for Steveston–Richmond East, on behalf of Marco Mendicino, Minister of Public Safety, announced on Monday that the City of Richmond will receive up to $2.68 million from the Building Safer Communities Fund (BSCF) to prevent gun crime and gang violence in the city.

This funding will help address the underlying conditions that give rise to crime. It will support community-led projects to prevent violence among young people who are involved in gangs, or at risk of joining them – helping them set themselves up for success in life.

In a statement, the government noted: “Our work begins at Canada’s borders, where we’ve added resources to fight smuggling and stop guns from coming into the country. The Government banned assault-style firearms like the AR-15 two years ago and will soon begin a buyback program to get these guns out of our communities. Last October, a national freeze on handguns was implemented through amendments to regulations under the Firearms Act. Finally, we recently introduced Bill C-21 – Canada’s most significant action on gun violence in a generation. This landmark legislation proposes significant provisions to combat organized crime and address the alarming role of guns in domestic violence.”

Miao said: “Creating a safe environment and community for Canadians to live and grow in should always be a top priority. With the Building Safer Communities Fund, Richmond will have new programs to create safe spaces and to empower youths for better success in life. These programs will foster community building and create a preventative measure for gun and gang violence. Together we can build a safer and better community for everyone.”

Parm Bains said: “This funding from the Building Safer Communities Fund will help support at-risk youth to make healthier choices and better set themselves up for success in life. I look forward to seeing the difference it will make for young people across Richmond.”

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie said: “As safety is paramount to residents and businesses in Richmond, City Council has continued to work closely with the RCMP to make our community one of the safest in the region. Support such as the Building Safer Communities Fund plays an important role in preventing crime by allowing the City to expand and enhance important programs and initiatives. These include mentoring, skills-building, training, outreach, and educational opportunities for at-risk youth and young adults.”


Quick Facts:

  • Public Safety Canada is finalizing agreements with municipalities and communities that have been identified through evidence-based criteria and meet the program requirements.
  • The amount of BSCF support for a community is based on two major elements: crime severity (homicide by firearm, incidents of firearms offences, organized crime/street gang-involved crime) and population density.
  • The BSCF builds on the success of the Initiative To Take Action Against Gun and Gang Violence. This includes the Gun and Gang Violence Action Fund – a five year $358.8 million investment announced in 2018 – that brings together federal, provincial and territorial supports to tackle the increase in gun-related violence and gang activity in Canada.


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