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Harnoor is holding a starfish in White Rock, BC
Harnoor is holding a starfish in White Rock, BC


BE sure to put on your best smile on August 19 to commemorate the love of photography! Photography day is all about celebrating its feats from black and white to colour and 3-D. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or professional; it’s a day to show off what you can do. Whether you are the photographer or the one being photographed, there is always one thing to remember which is to smile. Pictures have the ability to tell stories and even go as far as to inspire people.

With the evolution of digital photography, you can share memories across the world with the use of social media. It has changed the way we see things in the world and it gives you the ability to share your thoughts with everyone around your social circle. The advancement in technology allows us to share a picture with someone in a matter of seconds. So why not share it!

Summer break is all about enjoying ourselves and taking plenty of pictures to keep memories of the beautiful summers we have had.

My goal for you is to go out of your way and appreciate the digital advancement in photography in August. Take a picture of yourself volunteering and share it with others to share the message on the importance of community volunteering. An interesting thing to do would be to take time to think of an interesting caption that would not only raise awareness about the importance of volunteering but also show how you are enjoying yourself as well. Remember, photography is an art of its own kind and taking too many pictures is not a flaw at all.

A fun fact about myself is that when I went to France / Italy last March Break, I took over 1,000 pictures in the span of two weeks. To be on the dot, I believe I must have taken 1,357 pictures ranging from artifacts and historical sites to nature and selfies as well! The most important part of this fun fact is that with the ease of the delete button, I couldn’t care less about the amount of pictures I could take as I could easily chose the best looking one in the end.

Not many people are aware that on August 19 we commemorate photography. So, let’s get those handy dandy cellular devices out and make sure that everyone is aware about this fun day. No one is ever a perfect photographer but you can always strive to be one. Take many pictures leading up to the day and be sure to share them with your friends and family on social media sites: twitter, facebook, instagram, photobucket, tumblr and even myspace.

So, let’s spread the word o one pic at a time and create everlasting memories this Photography Day!




Grade 10 student

Christ The King Catholic Secondary

Georgetown, Ontario