Police called to Delta’s Sands Secondary as student brings starter pistol

Cris Leykauf

A Delta Police school liaison officer was contacted on Thursday (February 15) at 10:07 a.m. by staff at Sands Secondary School regarding a student who may have brought a weapon to the school.

Police were at the school a minute later. Officers quickly located the student, who was taken into police custody. Police said the student was in possession of a starter pistol.

“The situation involved a dispute between students. The student in question apparently felt threatened and decided to carry the starter pistol as a deterrent,” said Cris Leykauf, public affairs coordinator for Delta Police. “Though this was an unfortunate decision, our officers were pleased the incident was resolved quickly and safely.”

Sands Secondary was placed into a Code Yellow while the matter was investigated. The Code Yellow was lifted by 10:45 a.m. The Code Yellow procedure allows the school to continue with a normal school day, but forbids outside activity. Unauthorized personnel are not permitted to enter the building.

“The Code Yellow procedure worked very smoothly, and our thanks to teachers, students and the administration for their cooperation. Our police officers train regularly for these situations with schools,” says Leykauf.

The matter remains under investigation and the school liaison officer will continue to work with school administration regarding this issue.