SFU Center for Comparative Muslim Studies (CCMS): Vancouver Islamic History Month Celebration

THE SFU Centre for Comparative Muslim Studies (CCMS) is inviting all to the celebration of the 2019 edition of Islamic History Month in partnership with the Vancouver Public Library (VPL).

Every October, cities across Canada commemorate Islamic History Month. This provides an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate contributions of Muslim-Canadians to the communities they live in. This year they seek to make space within the celebration of this month to explore what it means to be Muslims in relationship with Indigenous communities.

This unique event seeks to showcase local talent from Muslim and Indigenous communities highlighting the multiple stories and talents the communities hold. Collaboration and solidarity with Indigenous communities on this land are the themes of this year’s event.

In working towards this, the event is being planned by members of the Muslim community and Squamish DJ, Paisley Nahanee. The event poster is co-designed by Indigenous and Muslim artists, John Velten and Doaa Jamal. The event will include art displays, exhibitions of Indigenous and Muslim history, poetry, music, food, workshops and more at the Vancouver Public Library from 12-5 p.m. on October 5.
For more information on Islamic History Month and CCMS contact ​[email protected]​ or visit: www.sfu.ca/ccms/events-stories/signature-events/islamic-history-month.html