Shame on B.C. Premier Christy Clark for not announcing any contribution for Nepal earthquake relief work!

Christy Clark
Christy Clark



IT is shameful that B.C. Premier Christy Clark has yet to announce any contribution for Nepal earthquake relief work.

This is from a premier and Liberal government that is always playing the multicultural card.

On the other hand, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne on Monday announced Ontario will contribute $1 million for relief efforts to meet the urgent needs of people affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

Clark and her Liberal government don’t think Nepal is important enough, I guess.

When I contacted the Liberal’s media relations on Monday about this, they told me that an announcement was going to be made about B.C.’s contribution.

But NOTHING happened.

So I have sent these hypocrites another reminder today (Tuesday).


MEANWHILE, NDP MLA Sue Hammell issued the following statement on Tuesday on Saturday’s Nepal earthquake:

“On behalf of the New Democrat Caucus we offer heartfelt condolences to the people of Nepal and Northern India who lost family and friends in the recent earthquake and its aftermath.  This tragedy has brought misery to so many people in that region and our thoughts and prayers are with the victims.

“We also stand and mourn with the British Columbian Nepalese and South Asian communities who have lost loved ones in this terrible disaster, and applaud all Canadians, agencies and individuals who are aiding the Nepal victims in so many ways. Our hope is for a strong and quick recovery for the people of Nepal.”