Sher-E-Punjab’s listeners pledge over $117,000 to BC Children’s Hospital Foundation

Manmohan Waris and Sangtar show their support.

DURING the 8th Annual Radiothon, which was held on September 23, Sher-E-Punjab’s listeners pledged over $117,000 to fund a new anaesthesia machine.

Nimmi Daula, Program Director, said: “The support was amazing from our listeners and lines were lit up the whole day. We do not raise funds in advance. So whatever we raise [on] the day of [the radiothon] is incredible. Our goal was to raise $130,000 for the new anaesthesia machine.

“Many heartfelt stories were shared, in particular the car accident of the five-year-old Eknoor Sidhu from Abbotsford. The family shared the tragic story and also donated $500 to the fundraiser. One truck driver donated his full day’s earning in support. This was just an emotional day and a very positive experience for the whole community.”

Since 2007, Sher-E-Punjab’s listeners have raised over $800,000 for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Daula said: “Many celebrities also came through with their support such as the Waris brothers, Punjabi singers, and Bhotu Shah, the famous comedian. Many thanks to … various local businesses that also supported the radiothon by donating food to all the volunteers. A big thanks to the tireless Sher-E-Punjab staff that also made this fundraiser successful. Thanks to everyone.”

Sher-E-Punjab’s radiothon with the community’s donations continues to change the lives of children and their families at BC Children’s Hospital by helping ensure that our children, the most precious members of our society, are receiving the best possible care.  From putting a toy in the hands of a child to conducting groundbreaking pediatric research to find better treatments and cures for devastating childhood diseases.

Radio CEO Ajit Singh Badh and morning anchor Jasbir Romana.

Sher-E-Punjab said it looks forward to next year’s radiothon and their continued partnership with BC Children’s Hospital Foundation.

To help Sher-E-Punjab reach its goal of $130,000, you can donate now by going to:


An anaesthesia machine.