Some candidates for Surrey Council: Roslyn Cassells, Nasima Nastoh

Roslyn Cassells

SURREY City Council candidate Roslyn Cassells says she will be a voice for nature and social justice. The local teacher was first elected to Vancouver Park Board where she became Canada’s first elected Green.

She’s been a staunch advocate for homeless people, renters, transit users, wildlife, the LGBT community, and a First Nations ally.

Cassells took the City of Surrey to B.C. Supreme Court this year to challenge the city’s plan to put roads through endangered species’ habitats in Hawthorne Park, she started a grassroots campaign against mandatory Btk (insecticide) spraying in North Surrey, helped develop a Peafowl Coexistence Plan and education package for the Sullivan Heights community, and advocated for underpasses and road closures for the endangered Western Toad in South Surrey.

Cassells wants best practices adopted in all city services, departments, and policies, no net loss of green space, and active use of Develop With Care guidelines to protect the ecosystems.

Park Commissioner Cassells, together with the community, spearheaded the adoption of a bylaw to prohibit the importation of cetaceans to the Vancouver Aquarium, the Coexisting with Coyotes Project, the Free Bus in Stanley Park, 30+ off-leash dog parks, diversity hiring, and protection of universal access to recreational services and facilities.


Nasima Nastoh

NASIMA Nastoh is also running for Surrey City Council. She rose from a heart-breaking family tragedy to educate and challenge others about the pandemic of bullying. Following the suicide of her 14-year-old son Hamed on March 11, 2000, Nasima founded the Hamed Nastoh’s Anti-bullying coalition to raise awareness about the issue of bullying and suicide. Nasima has spoken about the issue of bullying to students in more than 100 schools in the Lower Mainland and out of province.

Nasima has lived in Surrey for more than 26 years. Nasima has an extensive background in social services. She is the owner of Bismel group properties Inc. and she has been a long-time realtor for Homeland Realty. Nasima has served as director of the board of Fraser Burrard Restorative justice Society and the Afghan Association of BC.  She is current board member of Shakti Society and a magazine.

Nasima believes strongly that politics should be about people and elected officials should advocate for issues and concerns that impact the residents of our community.  Issues such as homelessness, crime and gang violence, affordable housing and public transportation should be the primary concern for city council. Nasima has received several awards. She says she has a passion for helping people.