Horgan tells Christy Clark to stop stalling so he can get to work for British Columbians

Christy Clark and John Horgan

B.C. New Democrat Leader John Horgan on Monday called on Premier Christy Clark to support a confidence motion and let the new government get to work on the issues that matter to British Columbians.
“For the last 16 years people in British Columbia have suffered because of the choices made by Christy Clark and the B.C. Liberals. They cut services and increased costs for virtually every B.C. family,” said Horgan.
“People can’t count on Christy Clark to fix the problems she created. It’s time for a new government that works for British Columbians.”
Horgan spoke up for Leslie McBain, the founder of Moms Stop the Harm, a network of Canadian mothers and families whose loved ones have died due to substance use.
“Leslie McBain lost her son to the opiod crisis. She reached out to Christy Clark, hoping for real action to save the lives of other people like her son. What she got was empty words, without real action,” said Horgan.
“Christy Clark had a chance to work for Leslie McBain and save lives. She chose to work for her rich friends and corporate donors instead.”
New Democrats raised the experiences of people working and learning in the school system during her attack on public education.
“Jason Gammon started his teaching career in 2001, when Christy Clark was deputy premier and minister of education,” said Horgan.
“He worked in Osoyoos and Keremeos and saw first-hand how Christy Clark’s choices led to bigger classes, fewer supports for children with special needs and the closure of small-town schools. He is now President of the Greater Victoria Teacher’s Association, where he continues to have to clean up the messes made by the B.C. Liberal government.
“Jacob Gair also experienced Christy Clark’s cuts to classrooms. He was in grade 2 when she tore up contracts, cut librarians, slashed music programs and left kids with outdated textbooks. Now, Mr. Gair is a school trustee in Qualicum. He isn’t counting on Christy Clark to fix the problems she created. He’s ready to work with a new government.
“British Columbians voted for a new kind of leadership that works for regular people instead of just those at the top. We’re ready to deliver it.”