Liberals say they will streamline credential confirmation services

THE Liberals will bring together all credential confirmation services under the Minister Responsible for Labour, Premier Christy Clark announced on Thursday. Candidates Puneet Sandhar (Surrey-Panorama) and Teresa Wat (Richmond North Centre) met with stakeholders to highlight the announcement on Friday.

The Liberals said their platform also commits to attracting the best and brightest to support the development of the tech and life sciences sector, and working with the federal government to increase skilled talent immigrating to British Columbia.

“I came to Canada in 2002, shortly after I’d received my law degree in India, and worked for the next three years to be successfully called to the bar in British Columbia,” said Sandhar. “I have personally experienced the challenges of having my professional credentials acknowledged in my new home and am committed to helping other immigrants with this process.”

Wat and candidate Richard Lee (Burnaby-North) visited the settlement services office of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. in Burnaby to highlight the news.

“Too often you hear stories about doctors, engineers and other professionals who have spent years learning a skill but aren’t able to utilize it in Canada,” said Wat. “By bringing together credentialing under one ministry, we’re going to streamline this process so we can help get qualified new British Columbians into their careers faster. That means we’ll have more medical professionals and technical experts doing what they do best – supporting their families and building stronger communities.”