Surrey City Council approves more than 5,000 new housing units

IN the month of July alone, Surrey City Council moved forward numerous developments that will result in more than 5,000 new housing units being built that will benefit the middle class in the City.

The combined estimated value of the projects is $1.43 billion and will bring new market housing and rental units, which also include projects dedicated to seniors housing.

“Access to affordable, accessible housing for the middle class is essential for a thriving and inclusive city like Surrey,” said Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum. “Council recognizes the demand for housing and that is why we are working hard to get these important projects from permitting to construction as quickly as possible.”

McCallum added: “As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, I am thrilled to see the amount and variety of housing projects moving forward that will provide a wide range of housing options for our residents.”

The developments that Council moved forward this month include 15 new high-rise buildings, ranging from 34 to 53 storeys, several mid-rise buildings, a seven-storey seniors independent living building, and more.

The total value of building permits issued in Surrey during the first six months of 2022 was $1.17B, which is a 31% increase from the same period last year.



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