Surrey Councillors Elford and Nagra condemn mayor’s irresponsible comments, call for her resignation from Surrey Police Board

SURREY councillors Doug Elford and Mandeep Nagra, staunch advocates for responsible and effective local policing in Surrey, on Thursday issued a scathing rebuke of Surrey Mayor Brenda Locke’s recent comments expressing a lack of confidence in the Surrey Police Board and Surrey Police Service (SPS) Chief Constable Norm Lipinski.

In a joint statement, the Safe Surrey Coalition (SSC) councillors called Locke’s leadership into question, citing her comments as both disrespectful to the dedicated men and women of the SPS and detrimental to the trust and unity for public safety within the community.

Locke, who also serves as Chair of the Surrey Police Board, made remarks earlier this week, casting doubt on the Board’s abilities and the Chief Constable’s leadership. Elford and Nagra said they found these comments to be not only irresponsible, but also detrimental to the hardworking individuals who put their lives on the line daily to protect the residents of Surrey.

“Councillor Nagra and I wholeheartedly support our dedicated law enforcement officers and the exceptional leadership of Chief Constable Norm Lipinski. Their tireless efforts in building and transitioning the SPS are commendable,” said Elford. “It is deeply disappointing to witness Mayor Locke undermining their work with her divisive and petty comments.”

Mandeep Nagra
Photo: Safe Surrey Coalition

Furthermore, Elford and Nagra are demanding that Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth take immediate action to remove Mayor Locke as Chair of the SPS Board based on the recommendation in the “Report of the Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act.” This report, which is aimed at improving police governance and accountability, recommends removing mayors from their positions as chairs of municipal police boards. Both councillors asserted that such a move would be in the best interest of Surrey’s residents and would help prevent similar incidents of public trust erosion in the future.

Nagra said: “Mayor Locke’s irresponsible and petty comments clearly demonstrate that she is unfit to be a leader on the SPS Board. Her complete lack of respect for the SPS Board and SPS over the past year as mayor should leave no room for doubt. She should resign as chair of SPS Board immediately.”

Elford and Nagra called for immediate action to address the fallout caused by Locke’s comments. They firmly believe that the removal of Locke as Chair of the Surrey Police Board is necessary to restore public trust in public safety and to ensure responsible and accountable leadership in the City of Surrey.


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