Surrey Couple Facing Terrorism Charges Appear In Court

Amanda Korody blew a kiss to husband John Nuttall in BC Supreme Court Wednesday which Nuttall caught and planted on his cheek.

The couple facing terrorism charges were all smiles, chatting in the prisoners’ dock in their first appearance on a direct indictment alleging they conspired to murder people in a Canada Day bomb plot in Victoria.

Federal Crown Martha Devlin said the RCMP ran a months-long probe involving wiretap and undercover agents.

She asked for the case to be put over to Aug. 7 so Korody can retain a separate lawyer from that of her spouse.

Tom Morino, who has been representing both, said he would need even more time to go over disclosure and help Korody obtain counsel.

But he agreed to return in a month for a second appearance.

Nuttall smiled throughout the appearance, even when the new indictment was read.

His long hair was uncombed. Korody, wearing green prison clothes, chatted with Nuttall and glanced at the media packing the courtroom.

RCMP allege Nuttall and Korody were “self-radicalized” and that they acted alone but were inspired by al-Qaida. Mounties also accuse the pair of taking steps to educate themselves and produce explosive devices designed to cause maximum injury and death.

At a dramatic news conference last week, investigators showed photos of pressure cooker bombs that Nuttall and Korody allegedly assembled for detonation outside the B.C. legislature.

Although the devices were similar to those used in the Boston Marathon bombings in April, the RCMP said there was no connection between the two cases.