Surrey launches biased elections website!

WELL, what would you expect from the likes of Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts and her Surrey First who control Surrey Council!

The city announced on Tuesday that it has “launched a new engagement-driven elections website that will provide voters with information on the upcoming municipal elections (November 15, 2014).

“ is computer and mobile friendly giving you an optimal web experience on all computers, tablets and mobile devices. Features of the site include:

“* Up to date election information, including voting locations, candidate profiles and election events.

“* A blog that invites members of the community to contribute what issues they would like to see addressed by the candidates.

“* A Twitter feed with election-related content that will display tweets favourited by the City to showcase the ongoing conversation leading up to the election.”

It also includes “news articles and columns from local news media.”


The white-dominated newspapers Surrey Now and Surrey Leader – just like the white slate of Surrey First!

This is NOTHING but a BIASED website!

Who decides what news to post?

The WHITE guys, of course!

In any case, what is the need of the news section when residents can go the news websites or pick up the newspapers themselves? They are not so stupid that they can’t decide for themselves!

It’s also amusing to see white guys accusing the ethnic media of playing the RACE CARD when they expose such bias. And what card have they been playing all these years? Why are they so scared to face the truth?


BIAS AGAINST WARD SYSTEM: Equally disgusting is the take on the ward system. In the “Surrey’s Election History” section under “What is a Ward System?” the BIASED person(s) who planned the website note: “Critics of the system say that the division of the city creates conflict and separation. Surrey has experienced this with the separation of White Rock, originally the seventh ward of Surrey, when it created its own municipality in 1956.”

Most white politicians in Surrey and Vancouver as well as most of the white-dominated mainstream media is opposed to the ward system because they want to keep VISIBLE MINORITIES out of power. These racists are still trying to control the whole system!

The ward system works PERFECTLY in TORONTO. So what are these guys so afraid of? Isn’t that so obvious?

Both mayoral candidate Doug McCallum and candidate for council Brenda Locke support a ward system.



Please read Georgia Straight Editor Charlie Smith’s piece this week: