Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum speaks out against racism (revised)

SURREY Mayor Doug McCallum issued the following statement on Thursday:

“As I have publicly stated, most recently at Monday’s City Council meeting, there is no place for racism, discrimination, or intolerance. Surrey is unequivocally strengthened by our diversity. Our city is like a fabric and the threads that keep that fabric together are the different cultures that we have and the diverse people that come together to work with one another. The pride we place in our cultural diversity and the inclusion and respect we show to one another did not just materialize overnight.”

He added: “We do not take this for granted and we are constantly looking at how we can strengthen the diverse and inclusive society we have in Surrey. Despite the gains we have made, racism against Black, Indigenous, Asian and people of all creeds, colour and sexual orientation has not been eradicated. I can assure you that we will continue to condemn and eliminate all acts of hate and discrimination in our city.”