Tell the Truth Day



ON Monday, July 7, the world celebrates a truly unique event. On this day no one is to lie, say anything misleading or do anything dishonest. This day aims to achieve all this for one day where everyone can be honest and truthful rather than misleading and dishonest.


Being honest is something that people tend to avoid or tend to overlook. Nowadays, an honest person is hard to come by. Being honest to your friends, co-workers and family is how you build a bond resulting in a trusted relationship with each other. It even creates trust in yourself that you can be trusted with things such as money, advice and helping others in need. As the saying goes, “ “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and neither is trust. Therefore, being honest with the people around you creates a relationship with trust and strength that no one can ever destroy.

Honesty is a great trait to have and is indeed a treasure to be cherished. This is because honesty with friends and family means they can always rely on you.

This day is also to recognize that a person shouldn’t be rude in the sense that your brutal honesty could ruin a person’s day unnecessarily. For example, if a friend of yours asks you how they look and you respond truthfully: “hideous!” This is where you could have been diplomatic by saying something nice about their hair or even their outfit.

So, I vow to you honestly to tell the truth rather than mislead this July 7.



Grade 10 student

Christ The King Catholic Secondary

Georgetown, Ontario