Those receiving needle-free filler treatments warned

BC Health Authorities and the BC Ministry of Health are issuing a public service announcement for persons considering undergoing needle-free filler treatments. These procedures use a pressurized pen to insert hyaluronic acid fillers into the skin without the use of needles or injections.

At the time of this announcement, NO needle-free pressurized pen has been approved for use by Health Canada. Therefore no one, even regulated health professionals, should be providing fillers with this type of device.

The administration of fillers by any means is a restricted activity and should only be performed by regulated health professionals such as a physician or surgeon. Anyone undergoing a filler treatment should ensure the fillers are administered by a health professional and that both the filler and the device used to administer the fillers have been approved by Health Canada.

If you are aware of a filler procedure being performed by someone other than a health professional, you can report this unlawful practice to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

If you have questions or concerns about Personal Service Establishments you can contact your local health authority: