AIM for SEVA: Toronto-based charity helping kids in India

AIM for SEVA, a leading Canadian non-for-profit charity which is focused on educating the poor children in remote parts of India, is making significant strides to put the donations in action from the massive funds it collected in 2016, where some $2.6 million in pledges were made for the education of children in remote areas of India from donors in Toronto area.

The awareness of the Toronto Chapter has now been increasing over the years, so that in the last 16 years it raised $5.5 million with $1.1 million just in 2016.  This a strong recognition and endorsement to the wonderful work AIM for SEVA is doing, with no administration cost whatsoever, to support the under privileged children in India.

With the funds raised from 2016, the team is full in action, working very actively to make sure that the funds get used efficiently in India, where the current focus is to expand the infrastructure of one of the already constructed school, which is located in Khategaon in Madhya Pradesh.  This is a district between Indore and Bhopal, about three hours driving distance from either of these two major cities.

Currently, the school is housing over 600 children whose full education and stay in hostels is fully sponsored by AIM for SEVA.  The ground breaking of the new buildings is starting in May. Twelve apartments are being constructed and these will be housing the additional students, teachers, facilities staff and the principal.

In addition, a large library is being constructed, as well as a new auditorium and a large playground for the children. Additionally, from the funds raised, the current school’s rooms are being upgraded to become a state of the art digital class rooms of the future to impart high caliber teaching. Several local Toronto-based teachers are volunteering to also provide teaching remotely throughout the year in collaboration with the local teaching staff.

AIM for SEVA is a global charity, it has very strong and active affiliates across three continents, supporting various integrated community development programs in India, where it’s not just a “schooling” initiative nor is it for merely sheltering the underprivileged, but the end goal is reaching out to rural and tribal children across 22 Indian states and educating them.

In North America, beside the Toronto Chapter, it has major chapters across 20 major cities and with all the funding it has raised over the years, AIM for SEVA is now supporting over 100 hostels for children across India; 24 of these hostels run on donations by supporters of the Toronto Chapter.

A series of further fundraising and awareness activities are planned in 2017 by the AIM for SEVA’s Toronto Chapter this year, starting with Walkathon on Sunday, May 7, Maharaja Golf Tournament on Sunday, June 25.  Various other initiatives in planning phase, including the flagship Annual Star Studded Gala event which will be held on Sunday, September 10; this event is likely to draw again over 800 of the finest professionals from Toronto, who have been the major supporters of this charity over the years.

The AIM for SEVA Toronto team volunteers are a mix of doctors, engineers, accountants, academics and businessmen, who strongly believe in this cause and is calling for additional volunteers to join to help drive the various planned initiatives in 2017. Further information on how to become a volunteer and information on the event can be found at