Toronto native Sim Bhullar in the spotlight

Sim Bhullar SIM Bhullar, 21, of Toronto is 7-foot-5, 355-pound and is the New Mexico State center in basketball. And he is getting massive publicity for his massive size – and talent.

San Diego State coach Steve Fisher told a local newspaper: “He’s so vastly improved. He’s a force.”

San Diego State coach Steve Fisher says: “He’s so vastly improved. He’s a force.”

New York Post put it this way this week: “The 21-year-old sophomore behemoth — who was 6-foot-5 by the sixth grade, and now has size-22 feet and an 8-foot wingspan — can play a tiny bit. He put up 10.3 points, 7.9 rebounds and 3.4 blocks while averaging 26.2 minutes per game for the WAC champion Aggies. “

The newspaper noted: “His not-so-little brother Tanveer, who stands only 7-foot-3, is a freshman at New Mexico State.”

Their father is 6’3″ and their mother 5’10”.

In a July 2011 profile of Bhullar, The New York Times stated he “is poised to become the world’s first prominent men’s basketball player of Indian descent” and could be the “next great basketball ambassador” to Asia since Chinese star Yao Ming.

On Thursday (March 20), New Mexico State opened against San Diego State in Spokane, Washington State and won 73-69 in overtime.

One news report said: “San Diego State built a 14-point lead early in the second half, in large part because New Mexico State’s big man, 7-foot-5, 355-pound Sim Bhullar, spent most of the first half on the bench. With Bhullar back in the game, the Aggies’ offense started clicking again.”

It added: “He and Daniel Mullings connected repeatedly in chipping the deficit to 44-42 after a 22-10 run.”

But in the end, San Diego won.

South Asians will be watching Bhullar’s performance keenly.