Toronto’s Anmol Tukrel has designed a search engine reportedly more accurate than Google

HEADLINES Anmol TukrelTORONTO: Anmol Tukrel, a 16-year-old Indian-origin Canadian, has designed a personalised search engine which he claims is 47 percent more accurate than Google.

The young student designed the search engine as part of a high school project and also to submit to the Google Science Fair, reported.

Tukrel came across the idea of a personalised search engine during an internship stint in India at Bengaluru-based adtech firm IceCream Labs.

He planned to take it Google’s personalised search engine idea to the next level.

Tukrel said that unlike most search engines that use a person’s location or browsing history to throw relevant results, his engine tries to show the most relevant content by mapping it to a user’s personality.

Tukrel’s search engine is currently restricted to one year’s news articles that appeared in The New York Times.

His development kit included only a computer, a python-language development environment, a spreadsheet programme and access to Google and New York Times.

To test the accuracy of his search engine, Tukrel limited the search query to this year’s articles from the New York Times.

According to media reports, Tukrel, who will be going to grade 11 at Holy Trinity School in Toronto, said he learnt to code in his third grade, and subsequently picked up on mathematics and coding.

He said his computer teacher was pretty impressed with the project. He submitted his paper to the International High School Journal of Science last month, and hopes to study computer science at Stanford University.

He also wants to develop a news aggregator based on this technology, and licence it to a few digital marketing agencies as well.

He runs a company: Tacocat Computers (


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