Transit app to show empty seat predictions for buses

TRANSLINK is launching a new feature in collaboration with Transit app, which allows customers to see the estimated number of seats remaining on board buses when planning their transit journey. As part of TransLink’s Reconnect Campaign, the new feature will help customers feel confident knowing if there will be room on their vehicle before leaving home.

“As our customers continue returning to transit, this new feature will help them confidently know if they’ll get a seat before leaving home,” said TransLink CEO Kevin Quinn on Wednesday. “This is one more initiative we are offering to help enhance the customer experience and make transit an even more attractive option.”

When customers plan their journey through the Transit app or check the real-time location of their bus, they will now notice a symbol indicating how many seats are likely to be available on board. Rating categories will let you know if there are usually many seats on board, some seats, or standing room only on that bus at that time. These estimations are based on historical ridership data to provide the best possible prediction of how full the bus will be.

“Our new capacity predictions with TransLink help riders feel confident when they get onboard. This type of information also makes a huge difference if you use a wheelchair, you’re carrying luggage, or you just want to feel more comfortable,” said David Block-Schachter, Chief Business Officer at Transit. “The key to this partnership between TransLink and Transit is that both teams are focused on figuring out how technology can improve the everyday rider experience.”

This initiative is a result of the 2020 Open Call for Innovation. The team behind the Transit app were the successful applicant of the Open Call to make transit safer and more comfortable for customers. The Transit app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android smartphones.

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