Trudeau budget fails Canadian families: Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer
Photo: Facebook

ANDREW Scheer, Leader of the Conservative Party, on Tuesday accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of failing to deliver the help he promised Canadian families.

“Never has a Prime Minister spent so much to achieve so little. Despite last year’s economic good fortune, Justin Trudeau has failed once again to deliver the results that matter to Canadians,” said Scheer.

The deficit for this fiscal year is $18 billion, which is triple what Trudeau promised during the 2015 election. With the budget not projected to be in balance again until 2045, these additional deficits will add $450 billion to Canada’s national debt over the next 27 years, he noted.

“Justin Trudeau has disrespected veterans with insults, court cases, and broken promises,” said Scheer. “Justin Trudeau has failed Canadians with disabilities by slamming them with higher taxes. Justin Trudeau has failed Canadian workers by hurting small businesses and his disappearing act on Trans Mountain. The simple fact is that Justin Trudeau is failing once again to match his big promises with action.”

He said the Liberals have been asking Canadian families and local businesses to pay more to offset this government’s out-of-control spending. Already, the average Canadian family is paying more than $800 extra per year in taxes. Local businesses are now paying more in taxes, while being labeled as tax cheats by the Liberal government.

“What this government gives with one hand, it takes with another,” said Scheer. “This year’s budget again shows us what this Liberal government is all about. They always choose government before people. Conservatives will put people first.”


  1. I’m always a bit confused by the concept that not enough was spent and the budget should have been balanced.

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