Union president fires off letter to Tim Hortons CEO after truck driver refused service

THE President of Transport, Marine, Warehousing and Allied Workers Union, CLAC Local 66, Tony vanHengel, has fired off an open letter to Jose Cil, CEO of Tim Hortons, after a truck driver was refused service “as a walk-through customer in the drive through lane” of a Tim Hortons in Aldergrove.

The union president wrote: “This past week saw a viral video of a truck driver blocking a Tim Horton’s drive-through in Aldergrove, BC. The driver was protesting the restaurants refusal to serve him as a walk-through customer in the drive through lane. This trucker, like hundreds of thousands of others in Canada, is responsible for the delivery of essential goods and services during this Covid-19 pandemic. Professional drivers are also essential to the economic recovery that we all so desperately need.

“We, the hard-working drivers and members of CLAC Local 66, are calling upon Tim Hortons to provide washroom facilities and the sale of food to professional drivers. You rely on these men and women to deliver your products, take away your garbage, and transport your employees to work. Tim Hortons has become a mainstay of Canadian life and cultural identity and has often been on the front line of giving back to communities. Right now, your communities need washrooms and food for essential workers.

“We are hopeful that Tim Hortons will answer the call of all professional drivers in Canada and realize their responsibility as a good corporate citizen in assisting these hard working and essential workers. We hope your leadership will inspire other restaurants and businesses to do the same. Canadians, especially truck drivers are waiting for your response and action.”