Vancouver civic election: Random order candidate list to be drawn today (Friday)

Event to be livestreamed online

THE random order ballot draw will take place in the Council Chamber, 3rd Floor, 453 West 12th Avenue at 5 p.m. on September 21.

Candidates (or their official agents) and media are permitted to attend in-person. All others can watch the draw live online through, using the council video broadcast system. A recording of the video will be available after the event.

The draw will take place in accordance to section 79 of the Vancouver Charter, meaning:

–      Each candidate’s name will be written on a separate piece of paper, as similar as possible to all other pieces

–      Each piece of paper will be folded in a uniform manner so the names are not visible

–      Each piece of paper will be placed in a container which will then be shaken to make their distribution random

–      The Chief Election Officer will direct a person who is not a candidate or candidate representative to withdraw the papers one at a time

–      For each race, the name on the first paper drawn is the first name on the ballot, the name on the second paper is to be the second, and so on until all the candidates’ names have been placed on the ballot.

The Chief Election Officer will give brief remarks at the start of the draw to fully explain the process.

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