Vancouver Police identify and nab suspect in stranger attack caught on tape

VANCOUVER Police have identified a suspect who was seen chasing a pedestrian with a large stick in downtown Vancouver, after video of the incident was posted on social media. Police are now asking the victim to come forward.

“This frightening incident was caught on tape, but the victim did not report the encounter to Vancouver Police,” said Constable Tania Visintin on Wednesday. “We’d like to hear from this person, or anyone else who has information, so we can better understand what happened.”

Video of the incident, which occurred around 9:30 p.m. on November 1, began circulating on social media earlier this month. It shows a man pacing around near Burrard and Drake streets, holding a stick, and lashing out towards pedestrians and vehicles. At one point in the video, the man aims the stick and chases a pedestrian at full speed. Moments later, he points the stick at a person who has their back turned to him, then gets on a bus.

“This behavior was very concerning and it put public safety at risk,” said Visintin.

Two VPD patrol constables later identified the suspect after responding to reports of a disturbance at a social housing complex near Cambie and Dunsmuir streets. When the officers approached him, the man claimed to have a gun and tried to flee, but the constables arrested him before he could run away.

The man, a 26-year-old West End resident, was already wanted BC-wide for a different offence, and was taken to jail by VPD.

Anyone with information about the November 1 incident on Burrard Street is asked to call Vancouver Police at 604-717-4021.