Vancouver’s Bharti Art Jewellers store in Punjabi Market robbed in broad daylight

Punjabi Market robbed
Photo courtesy CBC
ROBBERS wearing ski masks and blue jumpsuits used a truck to smash into Bharti Art Jewellers on Main Street and East 50th Avenue at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday and made off with a bag of valuables, according to witnesses in Vancouver’s Punjabi Market.

At least one of the robbers was carrying a gun as two of them dashed into the store while the third stayed in the truck. The robbers ditched the truck in a nearby alley and took off in another vehicle, leaving some jewellery scattered on the street. The owner was reportedly alone in the store and was not injured.

“I just heard a bang sound like something has fallen or like an accident sound. I quickly came out and I just saw the truck was rammed here at this jewelry store. I just quickly ran inside the pharmacy and closed the door,” pharmacist Jack Shah told Global BC.

He told the CBC: “I was so scared. I saw three people, but they had masks on. It was very hard to tell anything about them.”

“I was with my customer and I heard a bang, a big noise like a bomb,” Naresh Shukla from the Mother India grocery store told CTV.

Police say no arrests have been made and no injuries have been reported. But the brazen heist has scared the daylights out of the business owners in the Punjabi Market.